How Estrogen And Osteoporosis Are Connected

Osteoporosis Patients
Osteoporosis Patients
Osteoporosis Risk Factors
Osteoporosis Risk Factors

Estrogen is a hormone which plays a big part in protecting bones. As a woman enters the menopause phase in her life, the hormone’s count in the body comes down. This could just cause fractures and osteoporosis. So, menopause is among the many different osteoporosis risk factors.

Bone problems and OA vary from one person to another according to their age and ethnic background. Caucasians and older people have the greatest likelihood of osteoporosis, but individuals of other age groups also have OA and low density of bones. Shared below are the major factors that impact one’s possibility of having osteoporosis.

Bone Density In Menopause Stage

The lower a woman’s bone density, the higher will be her possibility of experiencing OA. This can also be the other way around. When your bone tissue in the skeleton is low, or when there are other things that trigger bone loss, your likelihood of having OA would be greater.

The Pace Of Bone Loss After Reaching Menopause

Bone loss occurs quicker in some women as compared to others. A woman is likely to lose as much as 20% of bone density in the 5 to 7 years after menopause. In the event of losing bone fast, a woman would see a much greater possibility of having osteoporosis.

Estrogen Therapy For Osteoporosis

When there are menopausal symptoms, like hot flashes, your medical professional is likely to recommend estrogen therapy or a combination of estrogens and progesterone therapy. These forms of osteoporosis treatment options can aid in keeping bone loss from happening and managing your menopause-related symptoms. Some people are told to avoid relying on both forms of therapy because these options have likely secondary effects such as breast cancer, blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, and cognitive issues. Therefore, it is vital to talk to your doctor about the advantages and the possible side effects of OA treatment options.

Seek Medical Help Before It Is Too Late To Do It

Individuals used to view OA as a natural part of the process of getting old. Now, there is a greater awareness in people regarding the ways of preventing, diagnosing and treating OA. Fine ways of life could just aid you in protecting bones and in decreasing the likelihood of OA’s development. In the event your doctor is yet to speak to you regarding bone health, then you should take the initiative for the same.