A Brief Guide on Osteoporosis Disease

What Causes Osteoporosis?
What Causes Osteoporosis?
What Causes Osteoporosis?
What Causes Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones become weak and break easily. Our human body constantly replaces bone tissue with new, but in this condition, the bone tissue doesn’t do so and it requires a medical diagnosis.

What Causes Osteoporosis Disease?

There are several reasons that you will develop osteoporosis which includes lifestyle choices, age, sex, medical treatments, family history, etc. Most commonly it is found in females because of the fluctuation of hormones.

Lack of calcium plays an important role in the development of this condition. Intake of low calcium and eating disorders can contribute to a lack of bone density. Excess thyroid hormones in the body can also make the bones weak. Age is also a major factor affecting it. After the 30s, the bone tissue becomes weak and the tissue replacing process will slow down. Hence it increases the chance of a medical condition.


It is a bit awkward that the condition doesn’t have any symptoms unless you discover it by yourself. In this condition, your bone can break more easily than you expected. But we can monitor through recurring back pain, height loss, and curved or small hump in the upper back. Every back pain is not osteoporosis and it does not have any special symptoms, so don’t blame yourself.

Osteoporosis Medications

It requires a medical diagnosis and lab tests, but the conditions cannot be completely cured but can be partially cured by medications and by intake of calcium and vitamin D properly. Dairy products, leafy vegetables, salmon, and tofu are examples of food items rich in calcium and vitamin D.

Risk Factors

Fractures on bones mostly in the spine or hip are the risk factors faced in osteoporosis. Spine and hip fractures can occur even from a small fall that may lead to dangerous situations like disability or even death. In severe conditions, the bones may be so weak that it will result in severe back pain and loss of height.

Fix an appointment with your physician when you have severe back pain, constantly occurring fractures, or a history of osteoporosis in your elders.

If you have back pain, don’t panic; maybe your back pain is just normal. Even if you have osteoporosis, medications can partially cure the condition and another half can be cured by proper dieting, calcium, vitamin D-rich food, and exercising.