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People who are suffering from osteoporosis might have noticed that their symptoms get worse when they eat certain food items. These items can damage your bones even more; hence, it is important to avoid them from your osteoporosis diet. Along with avoiding them, you should also include foods that contain vitamin D and calcium as they will help you to improve your bone strength. Therefore, you need a balanced diet that will enable you to reduce the osteoporosis risk factors and to enhance the strength of your bones.

Following are some osteoporosis risk factors that you should eliminate from your diet to prevent the osteoporosis symptoms from getting worse.


Salt is one of the highest risk factors that can damage your bone health. People with a high-salt diet lose more bone minerals when compared to other people. We daily intake more amount of salt than necessary causing more destruction to our bones.

Salt is an element that is involved in most of the items we consume, so it is very difficult to avoid this substance from our diet. Most of the processed foods like fast foods, breakfast cereals, whole grain bread, etc. contain a high amount of salt. Therefore, avoiding salt entirely from your diet is nearly impossible. However, by controlling adding salt when cooking dishes and removing the salt shaker from your dining table, you can reduce the intake of salt to a great extent.

Soft Drinks

Most of the soft drinks and some of the carbonated drinks have the presence of phosphoric acid in them, which may increase the excretion of calcium in your urine. Also, these drinks lack calcium. This combination creates a great risk for bone health. Hence, it is better for you to avoid such risks for improving bone strength and to prevent osteoporosis.


Caffeine can also drain calcium from your bones reducing their strength. If you do not intake enough calcium when you use caffeine it can be dangerous to your bones. Even though it is not as problematic as salt, it can add to your bone loss.

Coffee is one of the main sources of caffeine and some high-caffeine sodas will also have greater amounts of caffeine in them. Hence, it is better to curb their use for the betterment of your bone health.

Soy Products

Even though soy products contain bone-building proteins, they can disrupt calcium absorption in the body. The oxalates found in soy can bind up with the calcium particles in the body reducing the amount of calcium available for bones. Mainly, the problem arises when you intake a lot of soy without consuming enough calcium. Therefore, if you eat soy products, ensure that you also eat foods that are rich in calcium along with it.