Significant Osteoporosis Causes You Must Know

Osteoporosis Causes
Osteoporosis Causes

Your bones are continuously growing and they are not static like you see them in pictures. Bones are changing constantly throughout your life, where some bone cells are dissolving and new bone cells are growing to replace them. This is recognized as the remodeling of bones.

Nonetheless, as you age, the production of new bone cells can reduce, hence, there won’t be enough bone cells to replace the dying cells, which can eventually lead to the thinning of bones. Loss of bone mass can happen due to several factors. This condition can make your bones brittle and weak thereby making them vulnerable to fractures.

The loss of bone mass can increase the risk of conditions like osteopenia and osteoporosis which are conditions that are associated with the imbalance in bone remodeling.

The lack of calcium in your diet is regarded as a significant factor that can shoot up the threat of osteoporosis. That said, several other risk factors also can contribute to the advancement of osteoporosis. A few worth mentioning are discussed below for your knowledge:

Low Estrogen Levels In Women

This is common osteoporosis seen in women. After menopause, the levels of estrogen can significantly reduce in women. This hormone plays an all-important part in the bone remodeling process. Therefore, the reduction of estrogen in women can give rise to lessened bone density and escalated peril of fractures.

Low Testosterone Levels In Men

Testosterone is converted into estrogen in men that is responsible for preserving bone density. Therefore, low levels of this hormone can affect your bone health adversely.

Other Hormone Imbalances

There are also other hormones that are equally crucial in sustaining bone density. High levels of parathyroid hormone can lead to the loss of calcium through bones thereby affecting the synthesis of new bone cells. Additionally, the production of growth hormone can reduce as you age, this can also affect the health of your bones.

Lack Of Calcium

This is one of the common osteoporosis risk factors. Calcium is vital for bone remodeling, so you have to include foods that are high in calcium in your everyday diet.

Lack Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is indispensable for helping with the absorption of calcium. So, you have to make sure to attain enough vitamin D to maintain the health of your bones.

Some other important risk factors of osteoporosis are thyroid conditions, a sedentary lifestyle, certain medications, smoking, alcohol consumption, and some medical conditions. All these factors can contribute to bone loss and developing conditions like osteoporosis.