A Guide To Coping With Osteoporosis

What Causes Osteoporosis
What Causes Osteoporosis

Often referred to as the thinning of the bones in humans, Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones that causes it to get weak and gradually break. Irrespective of the race you belong to, all the men and women are at the risk of getting affected by this medical condition. Let us look into this condition and understand what causes osteoporosis and how to prevent osteoporosis. 


In its initial stages, the patient won’t feel a thing, it is only when a considerable portion of their bones have thinned and weakened, they experience symptoms of the disease. The following are a few of the symptoms experienced by patients suffering from Osteoporosis.

  • Back pain. 
  • Loss of height.
  • Stooped posture.
  • Easily breaking bones. 

Back pain in such patients could be the result of a previous or current fracture or even collapsed vertebra. That having said, when is the ideal time for a patient to visit a doctor to initiate treatment? If the patient has gone through an early menopause or was under corticosteroids for months together; they must consult a doctor before the condition gets out of hand. Also, if any parent of the patient has had hip fractures, it puts the patient at the risk of the disease. 

Unchangeable Risk Factors

There are five unchangeable risk factors associated with this medical condition and these are:


When compared to men, women are prone to get affected by this disease. 


When compared to the younger generation, the older generation is more prone to getting affected by Osteoporosis.


Talking about the race which is at the greatest risk of being affected with this disease, it is the Whites or the Asian descents.

Family history

If your family has a history of osteoporosis, then this puts you on the alert list. 

Body frame

Women and men who have small body frames are at risk of getting the disease. 

Lifestyle Choices

A majority of the people who are leading a sedentary lifestyle are at the risk of getting this disease. And so is the case of alcoholics and tobacco users. All those who consume alcohol regularly are increasing their risk percentage unknowingly. 


Out of the complications associated with osteoporosis, the most severe ones are fracturing the hip or the spine.