Osteoporosis weakens and makes bones brittle. If you have osteoporosis, then even a fall can lead to a fracture. Most common fractures related to this condition happen in the wrist, the spin or the hip.

Bone is a body tissue, which continuously breaks down and gets replaced. In other words, throughout a person’s life, old bone gets removed and the new tissue gets added to their skeleton. The bone should be stronger at a range of age, and this is essential to prevent osteoporosis. For strong bones, you need calcium and vitamin D, so it can be said that both are important for not just bone health but also osteoporosis prevention.

Osteoporosis affects both women and men of every race. That said, Asian and white women, particularly those who have been through menopause, are more in danger of developing it. A healthy diet, weight-bearing exercises and drugs can all help to prevent the loss of bone or make the already weak tissues stronger. These are the topics and points we have covered on this website.

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