What Is Field Test Mode And How Does It Work?

Signal testing is a process that is connected to cell phone booster installation. Installing a signal booster is an answer to the frequent question, how to increase mobile signal strength? Figuring out the underlying issues causing poor cellular reception at your place is the step that comes even before you begin hunting for solutions. Field Test mode is a signal testing technique that evaluates the signal strength at different points in your location.

Field test mode gives a detailed description of the cell phone signal strength in decibels. When compared to measuring signal strength by studying the signal bars in your phone, analyzing signal strength in decibels offer better precision.

In this article, we present a detailed discussion about field test mode.

Field Test Mode In IPhones

To access the field test mode in iPhone, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Settings and choose WiFi. Then turn the WiFi off.

The step will help you see what network you are connected to (2G,3G,LTE etc).

  1. For iOS versions 9.3 and above, you can go to Settings, select Cellular, Cellular Data Options and Enable LTE. Then turn LTE off.

 For iOS versions 9.2 and below: navigate to Settings,Cellular and Enable LTE. Turn LTE off.

  1. Dial *3001#12345#* on your phone and press Call button.

The step will launch the Field Test mode app and in the place where you saw signal bars, you will now see a negative number. It is the decibel strength of the signal, and it will be followed by the name of the carrier and the network type.

You can move around different points in your location to check signal strengths. Higher decibel value (ignore the minus sign) implies better signals.

Android Field Test mode

Accessing Field test mode on Android phones is also a simple process like in iPhones. Go to Settings and choose About phone. The numerical signals strength in your phone will be either available under the option Status or Network. You can also find another option “signal type” near the signal strength.

You may also download apps that give signal strength in decibels in addition to other important information. You can get them in the app store.

When measuring signal strength, move to the right point and wait for up to 60 seconds for the readings to catch up. After that, you can record the network type signal strength and carrier name.

Signal testing is important for cell phone booster installation because the outdoor antenna of the booster has to be placed at a point that receives maximum carrier signals.

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